Fly-tying with Spencer

Fly-tying with Spencer

Posted by Spencer Madsen on Nov 17th 2018

Beginning FLY-TYING class with Spencer

Fly tying 101 class

For me fly-tying is one of my favorite aspects of fly fishing. There is nothing like matching-a-hatch and catching fish on a fly that has been tied in preparation for a trip. Tying is also a great way to spend a cold winter day when the fishing is not very productive.

I have been lucky enough to have had the opportunity to teach a few fly tying classes at the shop. All the classes have been great, mainly in part to the inquisitive students I have had. Over the last week we had our first class of the season. I wanted to thank my students and give a short report.

On average we tie 3 flies a night over the course of 4 nights. In this specific class we finished by the 2nd night and were able to tie a bunch of other flies and even flies that my students were wanting to learn how to tie. The students were great and the class was a blast to teach, so thank you to my students for making it a great class.


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