The Game Blog

As Purveyors of The Game, our goal is simple: Help our friends and customers experience The Game. We do that through our blog, bringing you river insights from our guides and staff, tips to succeed, gear we use, places to go, and general musings about life in our shop and on the river.

Fly fishing for trout and other species is a lifelong journey that will test and reward you for as long as you cast a fly. Here at Western Rivers Flyfisher we call this process The Game – the challenge that fishing with flies manifests and the exercise of improving one's skills to have success. For each of us, those successes will be different, since each of our paths in fly fishing will be somewhat unique. That’s a quality we respect, appreciate, understand and want to share with you.

Here at the shop, we're not driven to play The Game to catch more fish – especially given the pressure some of our more popular fisheries endure – but to learn to make that cast, tie better flies, understand the complexities of the creatures we imitate or to have a better understanding of the world fish live in, because it's interesting, fun and challenging. Regardless of your fly fishing skill level we’ve all been faced with that fish or fishing situation that leaves us scratching our heads, yearning to get back on the water. Sometimes it’s driven by success, but often it’s driven by that missed opportunity because we weren't prepared.

The Game of fly fishing is a rewarding process that takes time and effort if you want to improve and take advantage of what a fly rod will do for you. There will be frustrations along the way, but we're driven to fish with flies because it is challenging, and in the end, that’s what makes the experience so fulfilling.

Western Rivers Flyfisher has been chasing The Game and helping others evolve for 30 years, and we hope to be around to help you make the most of your fly fishing experiences for another 30. We call ourselves The Purveyors of The Game. It’s what we love, what motivates us and we're good at playing. Come join us!