Dry Fly Fishing Class



2024 Dates: TBD

Price: $250.00 / *We require payment in full to reserve your spot! No refunds for cancellations within 14 days of the class.*

Class Limit: 2 Student Minimum / 4 Student Maximum

Instructor: Nick Teynor. Nick is a F.F.I. Certified Fly-Casting Instructor, longtime class instructor and shop staffer.

Necessary Gear: Pen/Pad Paper for Notes, All Essential Fly-Fishing Gear

Sign-Up: Call the shop at: (801)-521-6424. Or stop by the shop to sign up.

Western Rivers Flyfisher is pleased to offer a dry-fly specific class that will take your dry fly game to the next level. For many fly-fishers, watching a trout rise to a well presented dry fly is the “zenith” of our sports many experiences. It is also a technique that requires fly anglers to very aware of their surroundings, be proficient at fly-casting, understand the weather, and have the ability to “read” the river conditions in order to have consistent success. This class is designed to show the fun and importance of being able to fish a dry fly, and focused on teaching anyone and everyone how to successfully do it!

The class will consist of two class sessions that are systematically designed to introduce you to the necessary information, and skills needed to effectively fish dry flies to rising fish. The first session of the class will take place from 5 PM-7 PM. We will meet at Liberty Park to work on tuning up students fly-casting, introduce essential "fishing casts", and then finish the session at Western Rivers Flyfisher. When at the shop, the class will focus on the basics of entomology, how the seasons and weather impact fishing dry flies, picking the right fly, and essential gear for fishing dry flies. The second session of the class will then culminate with a half-day trip to a local river where you will have a chance to fish these flies under the watchful eye of a friendly and competent instructor.

If you have ever wanted to learn how to fish a dry fly, or want to learn how to do it better, then this is the class for you! Sign-up for the class by calling the shop, or stopping by in person.

Send us a message, we will get back to you ASAP!