Entomology Class


2021 Dates:



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Class Description:bugbottle.jpeg

One of the amazing things to see in fly fishing is a great hatch, and here at the shop we love to chase hatches. Finding fish feasting on emerging insects during a great hatch is a rewarding experience. But, how do we find hatches, when do they happen, how long do they last, and how do we identify the insects that are hatching?
In this entomology class we will address these questions, and further our knowledge of insects that are important to trout. Entomology is a branch of zoology that is concerned with the biology of aquatic insects, and having a basic understanding of entomology can dramatically help in finding hatches, feeding fish, and overall success on the water. We will discuss the biology of major insect families that are important to fly fishers, on-stream identification of these insects, and the seasonal timing of important hatch cycles.
The instructor for the class will be Kigen Curtice, a long time shop staff member and guide.
Class Itinerary:

pmdweb.jpegMay 1st – 6-9pm : We will spend an evening in the shop learning the details of major aquatic insect hatches, insect life cycles, important life cycle stages for fisherman, timing of major hatches, and basic identification of insects on the water. We will also plan our approach for taking a survey of the insects that currently populate the Provo River.

May 2nd – 8am-12pm : This portion of the class will be spent on the river. We will split the class up into small teams and spread out along the river corridor. Each team will take a seine net survey of the insect populations. Using these samples, Kigen will have each group gather some basic data on the insects found. This data will help the class to obtain a deeper understanding of where insects are distributed throughout the river.

May 6th – 6-8pm : Using the data collected by the class, Kigen will create an overview of what we found on the River and discuss the findings with the group in an open discussion. We anticipate that this data, combined with your new understanding of entomology, will help you be in the right place at the right time for the your favorite hatch.

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