Fly Tying Demo Kick-off

Fly Tying Demo Kick-off

Posted by Western Rivers Staff on Jan 2nd 2019

Join us SATURDAY MORNINGS January 12th through March 23rd from 10 am-Noon

for fly-tying demonstrations and Q and A's

( Free and no previous fly-tying experience needed)

What is fly tying?

Fly tying at its core is wrapping a hook with feathers, animal hair, foam, rubber, and various other materials to imitate things in nature that trout eat. This includes: ants, beetles, grasshoppers, mayflies, caddis, as well as other smaller fish, and even mice, all of which can be recreated by the skillful fly-tier. To create an irresistible fly a fly-tier must use creativity, observation, practice, and good old fashioned trial and error to create an artificial fly that matches the hatch.

Photo by: Kigen

Why do we do it?

Matching what is hatching is vital for getting eats on artificial flies. Fish are interested in certain bugs at certain times of the year, day, or minute and will pass up even near look-a-likes depending on the situation. This challenge of creating perfect matches for the hatch is part of the fun, addiction, and skill set that fly-tying asks of a fly-tier. By learning tying techniques, studying the materials, and learning the anatomy of the insects fly-tiers attempt to get into the mind of their quarry in order to create that irresistible pattern that a fish can't pass up as it comes floating downstream.  

How do we get better?

Fly tying is ever evolving with new techniques and perspectives being developed all the time. The internet is an amazing resource for keeping up to speed with a lot of these new approaches but watching a skilled tier is akin to watching a craftsman at work and some of the subtlety is best witnessed in person.  Tying flies helps improve your overall approach to fly fishing as it demands that one becomes more aware of what you are observing on the water and leads to a better knowledge of what fish are paying attention to and that will help you in your attempts to fool a fish with your creations.

Western Rivers Saturday Morning Free Fly Tying Demo Schedule

January 12th

Tyer: Kigen Curtice

Theme: Dry flies for western small stream fishing - green drake, ant,

Notes: Head guide for Western Rivers Fly Fisher

January 19th

Tyer: Kyle Toyama

Theme: Saltwater favorites and dry fly and/or steelhead fly


January 26th

Tyer: Mike Tea

Theme: Favorite streamer patterns

Notes: Contributor to the Fly Fish Journal and the Drake Magazine

February 2nd

Tyer: Al Chidester

Theme: Dry flies and emergers for Utah's famous hatches

Notes: Longtime Utah angler and fly designer

February 9th

Tyer: Nick Teynor

Theme: Nick's take on soft hackles for local fishery's. Some classics and updated versions of a go to for our local fisheries.

Notes: Sage elite pro staff 

February 16th

Tyer: Steve Schmidt

Theme: A selection of favorite dry flies

Notes: Owner of Western Rivers Fly Fisher

February 23rd

Tyer: Spencer Madsen

Theme: Technical dry flies for his favorite water, The Harriman Ranch - no hackles,

Notes: Western Rivers Fly Fisher guide

March 2nd

Tyer: Alun Thomas

Theme: Classic Atlantic Salmon flies including some married wing patterns


March 16th

Tyer: Green River Guides (Cori Holladay + Josh Hulbert)

Theme: Favorite tried and true, nymphs for the Green River - pheasant tails, etc.

Notes: Green River Guides

March 23rd

Tyer: Green River Guides (Darren Bowcutt + )

Theme: Favorite tried and true, dries and streamers for the Green River - beetles, cicadas, ants

Notes: Green River Guides

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