Women's Fly Fishing Classes

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2021 class schedules to be announced. Read on for last years offerings and stay tuned for updates.

Western Rivers Flyfisher women’s programming encourages connection, provides mentorship and sparks curiosity for the cast focused angler and thoughtful fly fisher women. 

wrf-womens-1.jpgAfter a very successful year, Western Women are excited to be expanding our offerings for the 2020 year. Along with the flagship Women’s Fly Fishing 101 class, that will continue to offer fun, hands-on opportunities to learn the basics of fly fishing taught by women for women, we here at Western Rivers Flyfisher are hard at work creating new and exciting curriculum for further learning, and community building.

We are excited to offer the following classes with additional details below on each:


The Line-Up for 2020:

Class: Intro to Fly Fishing Western Women (101 Class)

Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Class Size: 6 anglers per class


  • October 16th - 17th

Fee: $200.00

Location: Western Rivers Flyfisher and a local river 

Sign-Up: Call the shop at (801)-521-6424. Or stop by the shop!

* We require payment in full to reserve your spot 

The flagship 101 class is a unique blend of classroom and on the water time that gives anglers a taste of the "game of fly fishing" with the Western River's focus on casting and ethics. In a small group we discuss the basics - giving folks a starting point, and a platform to begin their fly fishing journey. This class is an invitation into the Western Rivers family- giving folks the questions to ask in fly shops, the knowledge to find good water to fish, and the know-how to read the stream side ecology to make thoughtful choices on what to fish, and how to fish it. These classes are taught by Nicole Tomlin, a Western Rivers employee and Lynn Decker, a stream ecologist and multi-species fish hunter.

Lunch is provided, as well as gear if needed.

Taught by: Nicole and Lynn



Class: Fly fish Tailgate (201 Class)

Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Class Size: 6 anglers per "tailgate"


  • July 18th
  • August 22nd
  • September 12th

Fee: $30.00 per tailgate

Sign-Up: Call the shop at (801)-521-6424. Or stop by the shop!

* We require payment in full to reserve your spot


What now? Is a question we get a lot here at Western Rivers Flyfisher - because there is so much to know, to learn, and to pay attention to. It often seems the more you learn about fly fishing the more you realize you don’t know, so- Western Women is offering “next step” classes to help with the post 101 (intro) doldrums. By offering the 201 classes, Lynn and I hope to encourage more women to explore local waters, continue to improve their casting, and understanding of hatches, the fly and how to fish it. The tailgate will begin with a stream side chat, we will look for rising fish, and seine the river (collect samples) observing the hatch thoroughly - We will answer questions, and then encourage decision making and fishing!

Taught by: Nicole and Lynn



Class: Casting Skills

Level: Any ability

Location: TBD

Dates:  May 21st

Fee: Free

Sign-Up: Call the shop at (801)-521-6424. Or stop by the shop!

Western Rivers Flyfisher believes in the magic of the cast. To be able to fish dry flies to a rising fish on a beautiful river is the skill set we wish to impart to our students, mentees, and friends. The cast takes time to understand, and patience to develop, so please join us for skill development and casting instruction. We will work through the levels prescribed by the FFI Casting Challenge: Bronze, Silver and Gold! 

Hosted by: Nicole and Lynn



Class: So what’s fly fishing all about?

Dates: June 11th from 6-8pm

Level: Beginner

Fee: $25.00

Location: Western Rivers Flyfisher

Class Size: 10 anglers

Sign-Up: Call the shop at (801)-521-6424. Or stop by the shop!

* We require payment in full to reserve your spot


For those curious about fly fishing - join us for an evening discussion on what fly fishing is, and why folks are obsessed with it. We will talk about equipment, flies, river etiquette, and how to begin the journey into “the game”. Listen to stories about the trials and errors regarding fly fishing, and how we have learned to overcome obstacles and have fun while exploring the waters of the west. 

Taught by: Nicole and Lynn


Class: Women’s Entomology

Level: Any ability


  • July 8th and 9th from 6pm to 8pm both days
    • Location: In the shop on the 8th (6pm-8pm)
    • Location: On the river on the 9th (6pm-8pm)  

Fee: $25.00

Location: Western Rivers Flyfisher

Class Size: 15 anglers

Sign-Up: Call the shop at (801)-521-6424. Or stop by the shop!

* We require payment in full to reserve your spot


Join Steve Schmidt and Nicole for an in-depth look at what is happening below the surface on our local streams! Entomology is a crucial part of fly selection and fly fishing, and a lot of fun to learn. By understanding the nymphal and larval stage of some of our favorite hatches we can learn what fly patterns may be effective in fooling a fish or two. Picking the most likely fly, is a rewarding experience and helps build confidence and awareness of the river system and the habits of trout within those systems. We will spend an evening in the shop and then 3 hours on the river the following day for applied learning and on the river time. 

Taught by: Steve and Nicole

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