Women's Fly Fishing Classes


Mission Statement:

Updated for 2021, Western Rivers Flyfisher Women’s programming encourages connection, provides mentorship and sparks curiosity for the cast-focused angler and thoughtful fly fisher women. 

2021 will continue in the Western Rivers tradition of providing: creative, innovative, and inspiring classes for the inquisitive angler. We will offer classes in hybrid format of Zoom and outside In-person classes as Covid-19 allows.

We are excited to offer the following classes with additional details below on each:


Class offerings for 2021, click titles below for details:



Class Details for 2021:

Class: The Basics: A Fly fishing Introduction

Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Class Size: 6 anglers per class

Dates: 2021

      • April 23rd - April 24th
      • May 21st - 22nd
      • June 18th - 19th
      • August 20th - August 21st (pm class)
      • September 10th - 11th

Fee: $200.00

Location: Western Rivers Flyfisher and a local river 

Sign-Up:  (801)-521-6424 or stop by the shop!

* We require payment in full to reserve your spot 

"The Basics: A Fly fishing Introduction" is a unique blend of instruction and hands-on learning, taught by Nicole at Western Rivers Flyfisher. This course covers the basics of gear, knots, fly selection and casting. We will meet in the virtual classroom (via Zoom), and then convene on the river for a morning session of river time and applied learning.  We will meet the following week for a 1 hour Q&A to answer follow-up questions.  After this class you will have a new found independence, and ready for the next step in your fly fishing journey.

Women's specific gear is provided.

Instructor: Nicole 



Class:  Fly Fish Tailgate-ktt4262.jpg

Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Class Size: 6 anglers per "tailgate"

Dates: TBD

Fee: Free

Sign-Up:  (801)-521-6424 or stop by the shop!

Monthly "Fishouts" for women. Meet at the river for an evening session on the water. We will focus on observation, group learning, and independence-- a great next step for those interested in supportive exploration of the waters around Salt Lake City.
Instructor: Hosted by a member of the Western Women community



Class:  Small Group "On The Water Clinic"

Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Class Size: 2 anglers 

Dates: TBD

Fee: $350

Sign-Up: Call at (801)-521-6424 or stop by the shop to book a Small Group clinic with Nicole!

* We require payment in full to reserve your spot

A half day, in-depth look at fly fishing is the next step in learning for women provided by Western Rivers Flyfisher. The curriculum is flexible and the class size small, allowing for individual attention and focused, applied learning. We will meet on the river and focus on reading water, problem solving, and thoughtful observation. We will look at the ecology of the river, and pick water depending on fish behavior and enjoy what lessons find us while out in nature.
Instructor: Nicole



Class:  Private Basic Casting Skillswrf-womens-5.jpg

Level: Any ability

Location: Liberty Park

Dates:  TBD

Fee: 30.00

Sign-Up: Call at (801)-521-6424 or stop by the shop!

Western Rivers Flyfisher believes in the magic of the cast. To be able to fish dry flies to a rising fish on a beautiful river is the skill set we wish to impart to our students, mentees, and friends. The cast takes time to understand, and patience to develop, so please join us for skill development and casting instruction. We will work through the levels prescribed by the FFI Casting Challenge: Bronze, Silver and Gold! 

Instructor: Nicole 



Class: In-Store Gear Clinicswrf-womens-7.jpg

Dates: Organized Monthly

Level: All

Fee: Free

Location: Western Rivers Flyfisher 

Class Size: 5 Women

Sign-Up:  (801)-521-6424 or stop by the shop!


Coming into the fly shop can be intimidating. So join Nicole and other women for a small group chat about fly fishing. We will cast rods, look at reels, try-on waders, and answer any questions you may have. The goal is to give you experiences with the gear, learn what questions to ask, and allow you to learn more about what gear options are out there.

Instructor: Nicole 



Class: Entomology

Level: Any ability


Dates/Times: 2021

  • May 19th - 20th: From 6pm to 8pm both days
    • First Evening is on Zoom or in the Shop (To be determined)
    • Second Evening on the River (TBD) 
  •  July 6th - 7th: From 6pm to 8pm both days
    • First Evening is on Zoom or in the Shop (TBD)
    • Second Evening on the River (TBD) 

Fee: $50.00

Location: Western Rivers Flyfisher

Class Size: 8 anglers

Sign-Up: Call at (801)-521-6424 or stop by the shop! womens-entomology.jpg

* We require payment in full to reserve your spot

Join Nicole and Steve for an in-depth look at what is happening below the surface on our local streams! Entomology is a crucial part of fly selection and fly fishing, and a lot of fun to learn. By understanding

 the nymphal and larval stage of some of our favorite hatches we can learn what fly patterns may be effective in fooling a fish or two. Picking the most likely fly, is a rewarding experience and helps build confidence and awareness of the river system and the habits of trout within those systems. We will spend an evening in the shop (or on Zoom) and then 3 hours on the river the following day for applied learning and on the river time. 

Instructors: Nicole Tomlin, Steve Schmidt


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