El Pescador; Ambergris Caye, Belize

We've been fishing and taking customers to the worlds best fly destinations for over three decades. If you're familiar with our services, we're not interested in booking all the worlds lodges, just the ones that offer a more intimate fly-fishing experiences that will leave you wanting to return, and return time and time again. Generally we prefer to work with smaller lodges that don't host large groups; 12 anglers or less, but El Pescador on Ambergris Caye is an exception to that.86530035.jpg

El Pescador is located in Belize, on Ambergris Caye, just a short boat ride north of San Pedro. It's one of those destinations that has stood the test of time. It is actually one of the few lodges were we booked customers before we had the opportunity to personally visit due to the number of customers who had shared their great experiences there with us. When we finally arrived at El Pescador, it was obvious why our customers over the years continued to return to this well run and diverse saltwater destination time and again.

Without a doubt it is one of the best run lodges we book. Their incredible staff, beautiful setting, amenities, and excellent menu are the backbone of this operation. Their diverse fishery is as well; a fishery that caters to flyfisher's of all abilities and experiences. Although they have good bone fishing, you'll find the permit and tarpon fishing to be the more prized catch at this beautiful island destination, that is if you are fortunate to land either.


Those looking to travel as a couple will find El Pescador to be one of the more accommodating fishing destination. If you don't fish or want to take a day off, there are plenty of things to do on or off the island: kayaking, biking, snorkeling, diving, or for those more adventurous there are a number of tours on the mainland you can participate in. San Pedro, located just a short bike ride from the lodge is also worth a visit for a cold one or ocean side meal after a day of fishing. Or, if you're in to just chillin, a rum enhanced pool side siesta is hard to beat.


One of the great aspects of this fishery is it's diverse opportunities for all species that make up the infamous Grand Slam: bonefish, permit and tarpon.  For those new to saltwater fly fishing, you'll find plenty of shots at the islands numerous bonefish.  You'll also have the opportunity to take a complimentary daily casting lesson at the end of each fishing day.  There's no better way to improving your success than by working on your cast.  The staff at El Pescador are excellent teachers, and skilled anglers in their own right. We encourage all of our guests to partake in this service to improve on their basic casting techniques or fine tune that double haul; a cast that every flyfisher should learn regardless of the species they fish for. 86530051.jpg

Belize is also known for it's permit.  This elusive and very challenging saltwater fish is a prized catch.  During your days here, it's pretty rare when you don't get a shot or two at these challenging fish.  That doesn't mean you'll catch one, but the more chances you have the better your odds will be.  As prized as a landing a permit may be,  you'll also find Key's sized tarpon roaming these rich waters.  However, at the end of the day, we all know that fishing doesn't always go according to plan.  And if that should be the case, we'll you'll enjoy being spoiled by the great crew who will make your stay a memorable one at El Pescador.

If you'd like to learn more about this great lodge, or to book a trip, please give us a call (801)521-6424, drop us an e-mail, or if you're in the neighborhood, stop by.  Coffee is on! We can help you get the most from your travels wherever you may go with your flyrod.