Rising Special Blend Lippa4Life


We designed the lippa4life to replace both a net and a Boga-grip. While we appreciate the benefits of nets in fast moving current or on a boat, we think they add unnecessary stress to fish when used in other situations. We know removing the protective mucus from fish decreases their survival rate and nets, even rubber ones, do remove the film. Similarly, while we like the Boga grip for its robust design and built in scale, we feel the potential for injuring fish using it outweighs the benefits. In order to activate the scale, one must lock the boga’s jaws onto a fish’s lip or jaw and hold them vertically. Not big deal if you are weighing the fish before you eat it, more problematic if you want to release the fish. When lifted from the water to be weighed, fish thrash and hurt their spine and jaw.

With our lippa4life we built in 1/8” gap on closed jaws so that they could not put hole in the fish. We also left off a scale function and made them like pliers so that an angler would not use them to lift a fish vertically but rather keep the fish held horizontally. This in-water release method of controlling fish horizontally was the goal of this product, and it is what all our instructions and marketing material has emphasized from day one.

If you are targeting species that weight more than 12-15 lbs the Aluminum version is better because it does not flex. The special blend of nylon and fiberglass we inject in our mold is durable in any temperature and extremely strong, but it has small degree of flex.