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Local fishing isn’t the only fly-fishing opportunities that we at Western Rivers Flyfisher pursue or offer in the cold winter months when the weather isn’t suitable to all who enjoy casting flies. Western Rivers has been booking and hosting trips to some of the world’s most storied saltwater destinations for three decades: Belize, Mexico and the Bahamas. If it’s your first saltwater trip, or you’re looking for a new saltwater adventure, please join us on one of our hosted trips. If you prefer, we can arrange and book travel and make arrangements for a private group. Whether you’re a savvy tropical traveler, or a newbie, we’ll take you to a destination that suits your tastes, and help you make all the preparations.

The first and second quarters of each year are an ideal time to plan a trip to any one of a number of beautiful, warm tropical destinations. Depending on where you go, some months are better for saltwater fishing than others, even some species. That’s where our years of experience can help you plan a trip to help you get the most out of the destination you’d like to visit.

Each year we offer a hosted trip to one of our favorite saltwater destinations. However, for singles, couples, or small groups we can book your travel independently so you can go where and when it suits you. We can accommodate you in selecting a destination that will meet your expectations regardless of the time of year, the size of your party, and the species of fish you’re after. Our goal is to exceed your expectations wherever you choose to travel.  

The newest addition to our portfolio of winter destination options is a lodge in British Columbia we’ve visited for several years for winter steelhead. This small 4 to 5-person venue offers a winter fly-fishing experience where you will encounter few others on the remote and densely vegetated rivers found on Haida Gwaii. Ken is hosting a trip to Haida Gwaii, at the end of February. But if that particular week doesn’t work for you, we’ll find another time that will.  

Another destination where we have hosted trips every year is Argentina. Although this particular trip is in April, peak season for fishing in Patagonia is December through the middle of February. Like all our hosted trips, we take small groups, and the trip Steve takes to Argentina is no exception.  Although this trip is frequently filled up with the same customers each year once in a while he gets an opening, however we can also help you arrange for you or your small group a trip to this incredible country. Once you’ve done this trip, you’ll easily see why Steve and his guest return every year to enjoy a country that offers some of the worlds finest trout fishing in a land seem lost in time.

Regardless of where you travel in the world, it’s best to start planning your trip a year in advance. This assures you’ll be able to go when you want, where you want, and have an opportunity to get the best guides. All of our preferred destinations have a large percentage of return clients, and there are opportunities to book your trip at the last minute. But the best advice is to plan you vacation well in advance to get the most out of your travel experience.