Brodin Phantom Net



  • 24" overall length
  • 11.75" by 16" hoop
  • Lightweight eco-clear net bag

For all around stream fishing this net is an excellent choice and will accomodate fish to 20".

Frying Pan

  • 26" overall length
  • 12.75" by 18" hoop
  • Thermoplastic rubber net bag

This net has a generous size opening but is still easy to carry. The same net as the MacKenzie but with a shorter handle.


  • 23" overall length
  • 7" by 15" hoop
  • 8" handle
  • Now with our lightweight, USA made eco-clear net bag. No PVC!

Ideally suited for small stream fishing where a catch and release style net is desired.


  • 24.5" overall length
  • 8.75" by 17.25" hoop
  • Fitted with our eco-clear net bag

For general trout fishing this is the best all around net in a catch and release style.


  • 30" overall length
  • 9" by 20" hoop
  • Lightweight clear thermoplastic net bag

For rivers like the San Juan, Frying Pan and other tailwaters, a bigger net is often necessary. The Tailwater is 30% bigger than our Gallatin and will handle fish to 28".