Used Winston BIIX 9' 12wt, 4pc


This Winston saltwater rod, is in excellent condition.  It has been fished sparingly for tarpon, but it's been a while since it's seen any action.  In today's world of saltwater rods it would be considered a slow fly rod, yet is ideal for casts up to 60'.  Loads easily and quickly for those close in shots, or on those rare calm days is ideal for laying down a soft presentation.  It has an elongated grip, which comes in handy for fighting and lifting big fish. 

It comes with a name inscribed on the blank, which is shown in the photos.  Also, has the original sock and tube, which are also in great condition.  The BIIX line of Winston rods, were some of the best that Winston has built.  This rod in the right situations is a beautiful casting 12wt.