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Fiberglass Fly Fishing Rods

Fly rods and in this case fiberglass fly rods are the wand that create those magical moments on the water and connect us to that which we pursue with fur and feather. They are what make fly-fishing so enjoyable and separate it from all other forms of fishing. We carry Scott fiberglass rods, Bozeman fiberglass rods, and Redington Butterstick rods because we feel they are the best glass rods you'll find for any budget.

Since Western Rivers Flyfisher opened in 1986 they have come a long way. For the most part graphite, and its use in fly rod construction has been the fiber of choice since the late 70's. Bamboo has held a presence since Charmichael, Payne, Leonard and other fine craftsmen fine tuned the construction of this beautiful material into rods that are cherished by those who own and use them. Another fiber that has recently made a resurgence in the fly-fishing world is fiberglass.

We've been playing around with these rods now for a while and have found them to be superior when fishing many of Utah's incredible small streams. Here in Utah we feel our small streams offer a fly-fishing experience that separates us from other western states. Many of these streams offer a diverse array of fly-fishing challenges and if there is a fly-fishing scenario where fiberglass rods excel it's on these waters. These rods in smaller line weights have incredible feel and a presence in your hand that only bamboo rivals. They are superior in close casting quarters, short casts, protecting light tippets, roll casting, and line management when there is little room to operate.

Here at Western Rivers Flyfisher we rediscovered the efficiency and how much more fun it is to fish a fiberglass rod on our small streams and for a number of us it's made a big difference in how we approach these unique waters. If your looking for a shorter fly rod in line weights 3 or 4 to fish small brushy waters you'll find no better rod than one constructed from fiberglass. They're as smooth as butter and with a fish on, big or small, the sensation will remind you of how you felt the very first time you hook and fought a fish with a fly rod. 

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Scott F2 Fly Rod-4pc
SKU: 210000002771
Fiberglass isn't dead, and it's perfect for small stream fishing. If you haven't fished on give it a try.
Cost: $645.00
Redington Butter Stick Fiberglass Rod
SKU: 210000001267
If you love fishing small streams and slow rods, the Redington Butterstick is as fun as it gets.
Cost: $249.95
WRF Custom Fiberglass Fly Rods
SKU: 210000002754
These rods make you feel like a kid again. They're light, quick for glass and beautifully crafted.  
Cost: $650.00