Used - 7'7" 3wt L.Kenney fiberglass


Larry Kenney is one of several custom fiberglass fly rod builders that more or less stay busy enough on customer builds to be happy with the work flow but he's not one to let rod building to get in the way of his own fly fishing. L. Kenney fiberglass rods are built with lightweight internal (spigot) ferrules, Grips are hand turned from individually glued, high quality cork rings to a rather flat Wells shape, in lengths and diameter. Tungsten carbide stripping guide and nickel snake guides are wrapped with chestnut nylon thread, accented with modest tan spirals within the wraps at the top of the grip, at the ferrules and tip-top.

Model 733 7’3” 3 piece. #3 line 2.0 oz.
A light, delicate, responsive little rod designed for small flies and accurate casts from a rod length away out to 35 feet or so, though it will cast longer if you must. Its medium-soft progressive action makes it a great choice for anglers who fish small streams.