Used & Vintage

Welcome to the Used and Vintage section of our website, where you will find quality previously owned fly fishing products to purchase. Here at Western Rivers Flyfisher we offer you the opportunity to sell, or  trade-in, quality, name brand, used and vintage fly fishing rods, reels and unique books. This is a great way to upgrade to a new premium rod or reel that we carry here at Western Rivers Flyfisher, or to purchase a quality used rod or reel. 

Through our used trade-in program there are a number of options to choose from: store credit, consignment for store credit or consignment for cash, to make the most of your good used fly fishing equipment.  Once an option is settled upon, your items will be cleaned, photographed, posted to our website, and displayed in the store. For on-line orders, we’ll handle the transaction through our website and will take care of packing and shipping items to customers. 

Our Program: On all items: rods, reels and books, that you wish to sell or trade-in, we will work to establish a value for those items that is mutually agreeable.  In doing so, not all items will be accepted that are brought in for assessment. We are interested in name brand used and vintage items. 

hardy-reels-crop1.jpgConsignment for Store Credit: 80/20 - Customer receives 80% of the purchase price of the item. 

Consignment for Cash: 60/40 - Customer receives 60% of the purchase price of the item/s.

Store Credit: 60/40 - Customer receives 60% and immediate in-Store Credit for established value of their used item's. 

Warranty:  Used items are subject to manufacturers warranties.  In most instances, especially regarding fly rod warranties, most manufacturers only offer warranties to the original owner of the rod. Damage or breakage to any used product that’s purchased through Western Rivers Flyfisher is subject to manufacturers guidelines and warranties stipulations.

Used fly rods and reels looking for a second life, these are generally more contemporary.

Vintage fly rods and reels that we consider collectible, unique and tend to be on the older side and carry higher prices as a result. We usually have a selection of bamboo fly rods.