Soft Hackle

2021 Dates: April 8th, 10th, 2021

Price: $125

Class Size: 5 Students

Instructor: Nick Teynor is a long time employee, FFI Certified Casting Instuctor, and Small Streams Guide.


Call the shop at: (801)-521-6424. Or stop in the shop to sign up.
*We require payment in full to reserve your spot!*

Fly fishing with a soft hackle fly is the oldest fly fishing technique known. Long before there were fly shops, birds raised for fly tying, and even fiberglass fly rods, fly-fishermen took to their local waters with fly boxes full of these beautifully simple flies. We have been devoted students of fishing soft hackles ever since the early days of the shop, and all of us at Western Rivers are excited to share this fly-fishing technique with you. 

This class is designed for fly-fishers of all abilities. For those new to fly-fishing, swinging a soft hackle is one of the easier ways to get started. We are often just as productive catching fish with soft hackles as fishing with nymphs, and there is no need for clunky indicators or lots of split shot. If you've been fly-fishing for a while, and want to try a more relaxing and less technical way to fish wet flies, you'll soon understand why we are so excited about fishing this way.

There are two sessions to this class: The first will be held at the shop during the evening; the second session will be held on the river. 


Due to COVID-19, the format of the class has changed for 2021. This class will consist of a ZOOM evening session, and then a half-day trip out to the river for a hands on experience. The weekday ZOOM session class will run from 6:00 PM-8:30 PM. All you will need to bring for the first class is a pen and pad of paper for notes, and our first class session will cover the history, understanding of flies, and introduce the concept of swinging flies to catch fish. When we end the class, I will make sure to get phone numbers and e-mail addresses to contact you all and send you a packet of information after the class that summarizes what you guys have learned so that you have a reference to aid you on your journey.

Our second session will be on the Middle Provo River. We will be meeting up at the River Road Bridge Access Point, which is fairly easy to get to. We will be meeting on the Middle Provo River at 7:30 AM. Time for the class is from 8am - 2pm. Take this time to please get ready fairly quickly so that we can get down to where we as a class can spread out, and get to learning the various techniques and methodology.


Take I-80 East to Park City/Cheyenne. When you pass Kimball Junction, get in the right hand lane, and take EXIT 146 East/South to Heber City. You will stay on U.S. 40 until you come down below Jordanelle Reservoir to the first stop light. Take a right at the light. This is River Road, and you will stay on River Road until you see the first Mitigation Access point on your left. *The entrance to the access point will have two stone columns, and you will see a parking lot. If you go over the bridge, turn around-you’ve gone too far. If you live in Utah County, you can take 189 up Provo Canyon, and from there head north on U.S. 40 to the last stoplight before you head up the mountain to Park City. You will take a left at the light, and then the instructions will be the same to the parking lot. *If you get lost, call me! 801-512-5681.

What You Need To Bring:

If you have your own gear, please feel free to bring that with you. If you need to rent anything, please contact me at: 801-512-5681 so that I can make arrangements. I will make sure to bring that with me when we meet up on the river. Make sure you dress in layers, have rain gear, and are prepared for sun, wind, rain, snow, etc. This time of year in Utah is very unpredictable, and it pays to plan ahead. *If you do not have any Soft Hackle Patterns, you need to stop into the shop, or let me know ahead of time so that I can get some for you. The boys at Western Rivers are more willing to show you what our favorite patterns are. Some that I recommend for you to pick up for the class are:

  • Partridge and Hares Ear #14/#16
  • Partridge and Orange #14
  • Partridge and Olive #14
  • Soft Hackle PMD #14-16
  • Partridge and Pheasant Tail #14-16
  • Syl's Midge #18
  • Baetis Soft Hackle #18-20

Your favorite or only trout rod will do just fine for this technique, and I recommend that you have a 9’ 4x leader, 4x-6x tippet with you for this class. We will discuss the merits of a longer rod for this class, but use whatever you have now and you’ll be set.

Class Description:

Once on the water, we will discuss how you break down a stream from the perspective of a soft hackle angler.

8 A.M.-11:30 AM:

I will be showing you all the water and situations where you can fish these flies, and will also cover the Basic Swing, Tight Line Swing, Lisenring Lifts, Hang-Down Technique, and when and what fly you should use based on the water you are fishing.

11:30-2:00 PM:

Once we have covered these techniques, I will have you all spread out, find some water, and let you practice what I have shown you. I will make sure to come around and answer any questions that you have, or help you understand what you need to do to be an effective soft hackle angler. Once 2 P.M. rolls around, you are free to go wherever you want, and can stay and fish, or go somewhere else on the river. *For the sake of the class, if a hatch does come off during it, I would like you to try and use your newfound knowledge to catch some fish. You can catch fish on a soft hackle during a hatch, you just need to believe in your fly and get creative with your presentation!

I look forward to meeting all of you and helping expand your fishing knowledge. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me or call me. When we meet on the river, I will ask you all to fill out a piece of paper with your e-mail addresses so that I can send you a synopsis of everything that we have covered in the class for you to use as a reference!

Send us a message, we will get back to you ASAP!