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Scott Fly Rods

Scott fly rods are hand crafted in Montrose Colorado in the heart of some of the West's best fly-fishing country where their rods are often put to the test by those who hand craft them. Since their inception in the 70's they have been building incredible fly rods for trout and now for just about any species you'd want to pursue. Initially they were known for their fiberglass fly rods, which are again seeing worthy attention, but like all modern fly rod manufacturers today light, sensitive graphite rods are now the rods of choice. Their innovative approach to glass fly rods back in their early days carried over into graphite once it became the fiber of choice in the late 70's, but they still make a very nice fiberglass rod; rods we use here in Utah on the myriad of small streams that navigate through our state. Scott Fly rods run the gamut when it comes to flex, but in general you'll find they have a great presence in your hand whether its one made of graphite or fiberglass: light, sensitive with subtle power and a joy to fish regardless of the species you pursue or the size of the water you fish. That's what they are known for. If you're in the market for a new fly rod, you definitely want to consider a Scott fly rod. They're game changers.  

There's a variety of rods to choose from, and there's nothing funner for us to cast and fish all these rods. Here are a couple of the standouts for us:
  • For an all around, work horse of a rod the 9' 5 weight Scott Radian is one of the finest rods you'll fish.
  • As many of our loyal customers know, we are dry fly fanatics who love spring creeks, the Scott G2 rod series is a great tool for the job. The 8'8" 4 and 5 weights are one of the funnest rods to cast. The 9' rods in those weights have a touch more backbone and perfect for double taper lines and turning over extra long leaders.
  • In Utah our small streams are where we find some of our biggest fish. The Scott F2 rods bring a whole new enlightenment to small stream fishing. The 7' 3wt is the shinning star in the bunch to us, but the other sizes have their place in the quiver. 
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Scott Radian 4pc Fly Rod
SKU: 3853
After casting several prototypes and working with Scott, we couldn't be more estatic about the Radian rods. In the core sizes they are truely a do everything, all around fly rod. Give it a cast and you'll see what we mean.
Cost: $795.00
Scott F2 Fly Rod-4pc
SKU: 9811
Fiberglass isn't dead, and it's perfect for small stream fishing. If you haven't fished on give it a try.
Cost: $645.00
Scott L2H Spey and Switch Rods
SKU: 4908
This is one of our favorite casting spey rods because of it's very traditional feel.
Cost: $545.00
Scott Flex Fly Rods
SKU: 905
One of the best bangs for the buck you'll find for a fly rod. 
Cost: $475.00
Scott G Series Fly Rods
SKU: 4204
All new classic fly rod from Scott Rods.
Cost: $845.00
Scott Meridian Fly Rod
SKU: 5491
As always Scott Fly rods are taking the saltwater rod game to another level.
Cost: $865.00
Scott Tidal Series Fly Rod
SKU: 4947
For those of us in a West that only get a handful of days fishing salt water rods each year, the Scott Tidal is an amazing rod that is easly to justify at this price. 
Cost: $495.00