Used Winston Air 9 foot 4wt


For sale is a used Winston Air in excellent to near new condition. This rod is ideal for anglers who like to cast and have a slightly slower casting stroke. This rod excels in fishing distances less than 40 feet and gives you touch and delicacy for making difficult presentations to picky fish.  

As versatile as the 8' 6" 4wt is, the 9' 4wt may be more versatile. This is a rod that's highly useful, practical and predictable. It fits into the series really well and, while it won't impress your friends in the parking lot, it's a rod that's built for the angler who wants to catch fish instead of bomb casts at long distances. The extra 6" of length means this rod mends line easier on the water and helps anglers who are fishing slightly larger streams. It's a moderate action rod like many rods in the series, but has some of the same power levels you'll find in the 8'6" 4wt. While it's not the lightest 4wt on the market, it is intuitive for the angler who has a slightly slower casting stroke.