Used Hatch 3+ Finatic


For sale is a used Hatch Finatic 3+ in excellent condition. The reel comes with original Hatch pouch. 

The Hatch 3 Plus Finatic Gen 2 fly reel is the product of Hatch Outdoor’s passion for their reels and anglers. Your trout, bonefish and light warm/saltwater reel designed for 5-7 weight lines. While Hatch had a tried and true reel in the first Finatic series, they kept their ear to the water. Feedback from proven guides, anglers and shops was the greatest influence on the performance and aesthetic enhancements of the Finatic Gen 2. Let’s get right into it. The Gen 2 is lighter than the first Finatic series. Increasing frame windows from 3 to 5, and concaving the surface inside the frame spearheaded this weight loss effort. By concaving the arms and adding two extras Hatch is able to eliminate unnecessary weight without sacrificing strength.

The Multi-Disk Drag System applies breaking pressure and heat dispersion over several surfaces. This virtually eliminates start up inertia and stick slip problems. To further protect this impeccable drag system, Hatch added teflon lip seals and sealed bearings. As a result, the sealed system is much more reliable than o-rings. Not a single feature was over looked, even the crank handles were revamped. An Ultraflon sleeve now covers the aluminum shaft and separates it from the aluminum crank handle. Hence eliminating the chance for galvanic corrosion. Finally, new mist finishes create smoother edges and provide the same anodized protection through a non-reflective more consistent finish.