WRF Reading Water Fishing Clinic


2024 Dates: TBD




8 AM-12 PM

Class Size:

Minimum of 2 / Maximum of 6 Students

• Nick Teynor is a long time employee, FFI Certified Casting Instructor, and WRF Class Instructor.


Call the shop at: (801)-521-6424. Or stop in the shop to sign up.

* We require payment in full to reserve your spot!*

Being able to "read the water" in order to figure out where the fish are, or aren't, is an essential skill anglers of all experience levels need in order to have a more enjoyable fishing day. Many anglers struggle with figuring out where and when they should fish throughout the year, which is why for 2023, Western Rivers is offering multiple Reading Water clinics to help solve folks solve this seasonal puzzle. These 3-4 hour clinics will focus on learning where fish live and feed during specific seasons, and will take place on a local river. Students will follow Nick as he breaks down each piece of fishable water, and show where, why, how he would rig his gear, and approach each fishy piece of water with multiple techniques. Students will not fish during the clinic, but are encouraged to bring their gear with them if they would like to put their new-found knowledge to use afterwards. If you've been wanting to learn more about how where and when to fish as the seasons change, this is a clinic that you don't want to miss. We look forward to having you join us!