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Shop Staff

Shop Staff


Steve Schmidt is owner and chief bottle washer at Western Rivers Flyfisher. Since opening Western Rivers Flyfisher, he has traveled the world sampling an amazing array of fly-fishing waters. Although Steve is comfortable with many tools of the trade in many environments where we are fortunate to fish a fly he is most at home swinging a grease lined fly, fishing one of his favorite western spring creeks or fishing the emerald waters of the Florida Keys. His passion for the fly-fishing industry, and the sport were recognized in 2007 when Western Rivers Flyfisher was awarded “Fly-fishing Retailer of the Year”. After two decades, he still loves his customers, the business and can think of few things that he would rather do then cast a fly.

Instagram Handle: @hayduketully


KEN DAVIS: Shop Manager

As the shop manager, Ken runs the show around Western Rivers Flyfisher. He's become an integral part of the operation after having left the Front Range for the recreational opportunities of the Wasatch. Since joining our staff in the year 2000 he's been cursed by Steelhead, jumped his first Tarpon, and walked the flats for Bonefish. He likes them all, but given the opportunity he would prefer fine tuning his spey casting kned deep in a Northwest Steelhead river. Ken gets out on many of our local waters, hoping to find rising fish. He also enjoys fishing dries over tough fish on Silver Creek and the Henry's Fork. His newest passion is fishing a dry line for B.C. and Idaho steelhead. As manager of the shop, he works long hours to keep things around here running smoothly. We're delighted to have him leave the corporate world in Colorado and join us.

NICK TEYNOR: Shop Staff, Class-Instructor, and Guide

A dedicated fish-bum, and teacher of all things fly-fishing, Nick comes from a self-educated background. He taught himself how to cast and fish from a young age through grit, determination, and countless hours on the lawn and water. He loves to share his knowledge with anyone interested in learning to become a better angler and caster. Nick embraces all aspects of fly-fishing: Dries, Nymphs, Streamers-as long as there is potential for a fish to be on the end of his line, he will fish it. "Fly-fishing has so many fun and effective tactics. In this day and age, limiting yourself to one style of fishing really inhibits your ability to become a better angler. The best fishermen out there are the ones who can adapt to any situation, so it pays to be that guy/gal willing to learn new things. Let's face it, the fish aren't getting any dumber, and learning a new tactic that will benefit you is ALWAYS worth doing!" His interest in teaching motivated him to become a Certified Fly-Casting Instructor via the Federation of Flyfishers, and the "head-master" of Western Rivers fishing classes and fly-casting clinics for the past 12 years. Any water with fish willing to eat a fly is good water for him, but he holds a very special spot in his heart for the Westslope Cutties, and diva Rainbows of the Harriman Ranch.

Contact Info: / Instagram Handle: @the_purple_rooster

SKYLER NELSON: Shop Staff and Guide

Born and raised at the base of the Wasatch Mountains, Skyler first got his hands on a fly rod at the age of nine. From that day forward, Skyler went off the deep end with all things fly fishing. This “young gun” spent as many days out on the water as he could and slowly started to become a familiar face in the fly shop. He was hired at 14 is still part of the WRFF team today. Throwing dries in choppy small stream pocket water and stalking spooky, selective fish are amongst his favorite ways to chase tail. Skyler has extensive knowledge of western streams, but swinging flies for Idaho and Oregon steelhead is his true passion. Skyler is currently studying Environmental Studies at the University of Utah. When he is not in the shop or on the water, you can find him bodybuilding in the gym, tying flies, riding the slopes of the Wasatch Mountains or simply having a good time with friends.
Instagram Handle: @skyler_nelson47


Bryce is a Utah native who grew up fishing all of Utah’s great waters. After spending some time guiding in Colorado he moved back to Utah to join us in the shop and guide Utah’s small streams. He has had the opportunity to travel all over and make great friendships fishing for trout, steelhead, saltwater species, and Utah’s great warm water species. Chasing anything with a spey rod or small remote streams, where there is solitude are his preferences. The harder it is the more fun he has doing it. He believes that fly fishing is not just about fishing, it’s about the adventures and places it takes you. If Bryce isn’t somewhere on the water or trail you’ll find him sitting behind his screen working away at the website.
Instagram Handle: @bknichols8

KIGEN CURTICE: "Big Rig" Shop Staff and Fly Tying Instructor

Kigen is a Utah native who deeply admires the natural world. He spent several years investigating venom from fish-hunting snails, and after earning a PhD in 2014 he decided it was time to get out of the lab. As a dedicated tyer, stalking wary trout with home brewed flies is his pursuit of choice. In the shop, he can often be found organizing fly bins (his happy place) and studying the newest fly patterns. He finds that fly-fishing provides endless education and a needed connection with nature. While tying offers a perfect blend of art and science. Driven to learn and to teach, Kigen is thrilled to be on the Western Rivers team. 

Instagram Handle: @kigencurtice

LOGAN GRIFFITH: Shop Staff Member 

Born and raised in Northern Baltimore County until he moved to Utah to go to the University of Utah where he's been studying Geography and Environmental/Sustainability Studies. Growing up Logan was a short drive to the Gunpowder River where he spent a lot of time, though fly fishing didn't take hold of him until the move Westward. His favorite days fishing are spent exploring and throwing dry flies on Utah's desolate small streams where he tends to find the adventure and solitude as enjoyable as the fishing itself. If he's not out fishing you'll usually find him tying flies, snowboarding at Brighton or Jeeping and camping through the desert.  

Instagram Handle: @logangriffith


Western Rivers Green River Guides

MATT LUCAS: Since 2015 Owner WRGRG 

In 2015 Matt Lucas went from being a guide on the Green River to owning the most prestegious guide service on the river.  Her at Western Rivers Flyfisher, we couldn't be happier with that, and we look forward to partnering with Matt for many years to come. Matt caught his first Brown trout on the Green River when he was about 10 years old. Since then he has made hundreds of trips down that river, as well as many others here in the West. He started his guiding career as a fly fishing/backpacking guide in Estes Park , Colorado . There he ventured all through Rocky Mountain National Park and the rivers of that area, like the Roaring Fork, the Yampa, and the_____ to name a few, He eventually made it back to the Green River.  After guiding for a number of years he eventually purchased the Green River guide serive from Western River.  His understanding of how the river fishes- whatever the flows, is astounding. Whether its the season, the insects - especially terrestrials, or fish habits, he's got it figured out.. And, along with all that great river experience, comes a guy that will work incredibly hard to help you whether you're in his boat or with one of his very talented and hard working guides.

DARREN BOWCUTT: Green River Guide

From Utah, Darren's been flyfishing from a very young age and tutored by his father. His learning country is the rivers of the northern Wasatch Mountains such as the Logan River, Bear River, Blacksmith Fork and many others, plus with his dad he was lucky enough to spend much of his early learning years on the Rivers of Southern Montana. Studied Bilology at both University of Utah and then Weber State which gives him a very good concept of the outdoors, Fish and insects. 


ELI KOLES: Green River Guide

A Salt Lake City native, Eli grew up within a few blocks of our fly shop. I'm looking forward to a great fourth season of guiding on the Green River below Flaming Gorge. I started fly fishing the waters of northern Utah and Idaho with my dad and brother at a young age with an emphasis on matching the hatch and finding dry-fly fishing opportunities. Learning this kind of fishing in my youth gave me a keen interest in entomology, reading water, patient observation, and clean presentation. I love exploring small streams and still water but was always mesmerized by big rivers, where complexity seems to hold hands with simplicity, and I feel I am constantly learning. Growing up teaching friends how to fish has built a love for instructing and guiding as a whole, and to me, there is nothing more enjoyable than watching clients improve their skills, catch more fish, and in turn have a more rounded, full experience on the river. In more recent years, fishing a two-handed rod with a swung fly as well as stalking the banks with big dry-flies has taken over my free time. I also love chasing warm water species like carp and bass in the summer. I still find some time to snow/skateboard but they've taken a definite back seat to fly fishing the last few years. To me, the Green River is heaven. It's hard to beat its variety of water, scenery, wildlife, and fishing opportunities for novice to expert anglers and the fish are vibrant and healthy. Not to mention the incredible dry fly fishing. This part of our great state will surely keep me busy for years to come. 

Honorary Shop Staff

STU ASAHINA: Retired Guide and full time fly-fishing trout bum

"Stumanchu" is firmly entrenched in the Salt Lake City fishing scene. He has served as our local TU chapter president, supplied us with donuts over the years, and drives us around in his fishing Suburban - complete with a rubber chicken on the front. He guides and fishes over 150 days a year (yes, we are jealous)! Stu is the consummate dry-fly-fisher and small-rod connoisseur. The only thing that could make Stu's world any better is if the Cubs could somehow figure out how to win the World Series.



The Head Ranger loves to fish for trout, travel worldwide, and tie flies. Like some of our other personell we've highlighted here, he's and honorary staff member. You'll find Bud, Stu and Bill almost every morning at the shop, planning their next triip, enjoying coffee and when we can get them out of their rocking chair helping customers. If you're in and happen to run into Bud, he's what I call a true fisherman. On occassions he still guides, but in reality he's simply retired to go fishing. He's passionate about the outdoors and has make the most of the time retirement has afforded him and simply fishes whenever he can.

BILL YOUNG: Shop Ranger

Now in his 80's Bill has been a part of our shop since day one. We have fished together from Argentina to the Bahamas. Bill's vast knowledge of trout fishing and Western waters makes him an invaluable member of our pro staff. We tried to get Bill on a regular schedule in the shop, but much to wise to lock himself down at this point in his life. However, if your ever in the shop any morning, he along with Stu and Bud will be comfortable seated in the back planning a day on the water or simply enjoying a good cup of coffee. Stop in, Coffee's on, meet some of our Pro Staff members.


ALAN CHIDESTER: X-Western Rivers employee and guide

Although Alan is no longer with us on a day to day basis, we still look at him as an integral part of our business; teaching, guiding and heading up trips to Argentina.  He's part of our growing extended family as we continue to develop Western Rivers. Alan is one of the areas more knowledgeable flyfishers. His specialty, outside of his love for fly fishing in Argentina, is small streams. We miss having his daily knowledge of Utah's great small streams., but he hangs round enough to fill us in. Alan, like a number of other past employees is now a member of our extended family. If you have questions for him or would like to reach him, don't hesitate contacting us at the e-mail address listed above.
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