Vintage & Used

Welcome to Western Rivers Flyfisher's Vintage and Used fly fishing gear. We have a selection of vintage and used fly rods and used fly reels. We are here to offer great options for the budget minded angler looking to upgrade to a better casting rod as they progress as well as collectors looking for something unique. We have an ever evolving stock of rods and reels looking to be added to your collection or in need of a second life.

Vintage fly rods and reels that we consider collectible, unique and tend to be on the older side and carry higher prices as a result. We have a selection of bamboo fly rods.

Used fly rods are rods and reels looking for a second home and are typically more contemporary.

We can work with you to sell rods from a personal collection, an estate, or other situations. We work on consignment but can work out other arrangements depending on your situation, largely driven by what you are looking to sell.

Western Rivers Flyfisher's Used and Vintage Fly Rods offers an improved selling experience over listing your vintage treasures on a local classified ad or forum. Backed by Western Rivers Flyfisher, 2007 fly fishing retailer of the year.